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Brady Industries is a full line, full service janitorial / sanitation wholesale distribution company featuring janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals and equipment, warewash, laundry & linen, foodservice, and more.


Brady Industries combines our purchasing volume with that of other super regional distributors throughout North America to ensure that our customers are receiving the most competitive price both locally and nationally.


Brady Industries offers customized safety, product and process training for all customers at each of its distribution facilities.

Customer Service

Brady Industries employs a highly trained and dedicated Customer Service staff to help facilitate the needs of our customers. They will provide timely responses and immediate follow-up to questions and requests.

Equipment Specialists

In order to better serve its customers, Brady Industries employs factory-trained experts that can help diagnose and repair everything from your vacuum cleaner to your automated dish-machine to the dilution control system in your commercial laundry facility.

Local Warehouse Distribution

With more than 500,000 square feet in our combined facilities, Brady Industries services local, regional and national customers and features an extensive, up-to-date inventory.

Sales Support

Brady Industries’ personalized sales support staff are experts in their fields averaging more than 10 years of industry experience. Our personalized sales support team can help you with even your most challenging cleaning and sanitizing needs.

Brady Industries offers a full line of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment to support your office cleaning and sanitation needs.


You will find an exceptional selection of models designed for virtually every dusting application.

Hard Floors

Keep your hard floors cleaner and safer with reliable floor equipment from Tennant.

Stainless Steel

We can recommend products that clean, brighten and protect stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other hard surfaces.

Furniture Polish

We have an emulsion polish that dusts and cleans furniture in one application.

Hand Sanitizer

We carry a variety of leading manufacturers' products with moisturizing formulas that are effective at killing 99.9% of common germs.

Carpet Cleaners

We offer superior carpet cleaning results from unparalleled deep-cleaning technology.

Brady Industries offers a full line of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment to support your bathroom cleaning and sanitation needs.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Brady Industries carries dispensers that feature both electronic and manual operations designed for high capacity applications. ADA-compliant and custom imprinting options are available in a wide variety of colors and styles including stainless steel.

Trash Receptacles & Liners

We can help you right size your liners to fit every size and type of trash receptacle or container. We offer a wide variety of plastic and metal receptacles including custom fabrication.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Maintaining tile and grout is one of the more challenging areas of a cleaning program. Brady has customized programs that can brighten and restore your grout to its original condition.

Bathroom Partitions

Whether you want a Solid Color Composite or High Pressure Laminate, Brady offers a variety of styles and colors along with other commercial bathroom accessories and washroom equipment that are custom made to fit your needs including ashtrays, baby changing stations, bathroom accessories, hair dryers, grab bars, steel mirrors and toilet partitions.

Soap Dispensers

Wall- or counter-mounted, manual or electronic, Brady has dispensers for liquid or foam soap, lotion and sanitizer in black, white, stainless steel and other custom colors and styles.

Brady Industries offers a full line of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals and warewash and floor cleaning equipment to support your foodservice and sanitation needs.

Warewash Technicians

Warewash chemical experts provide sales, staff training and warewash / kitchen chemical support of industry leading chemical manufacturers.

Kitchen Degreasers

We feature industry-leading degreasers and slip protection chemicals for all varieties of kitchen floor surfaces.

Warewash Equipment

We provide new equipment sales as well as rentals of commercial kitchen dishwashers and bar glass washers.

Warewash Dispensers

Automated warewash chemical dispensers are monitored by our expert chemical support staff.

Warewash Chemical

All managed and supported by an expert warewash technician, Brady offers complete warewash chemical from 3 compartment sink, dish machines, oven and grill to floor degreasers.

Food Service

Brady sells a variety of food service containers, ingredient bins, boxes and more.

Brady Industries offers a full line of janitorial supplies, laundry cleaning chemicals and laundry equipment to support your laundry and sanitation needs.

Laundry Equipment

Brady offers sales, repair service and distribution of commercial washer / extractors, dryers, ironers, folders, boilers, parts supply and more.

Laundry Design

We provide complete laundry design builds for on-premise laundry and commercial laundry applications.

Laundry Chemical

Laundry chemical experts provide sales, staff training and laundry chemical support of industry leading chemical manufacturers.

Support Staff

Our expert chemical support staff monitors automated laundry chemical dispensers.

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