Clean Hotel Room - Brady Industries fully supports the cleaning and sanitation needs of hospitality and lodging facilities with a full line of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, warewash, laundry, and foodservice supplies. P: 800-293-4698


Did you know when choosing a hotel, frequent business travelers consider cleanliness more important than price? With customer service being pulled back and rewards programs being devalued, what can you do to guarantee repeat business? Brady Industries can help you exceed the expectations of your guests by providing programs focused on delivering exceptional cleanliness. We know that cleanliness is tied to purchasing habits. Satisfied guests feel recognized and cared for by enjoying a clean environment. They will spend more during their stay. More importantly, they will return and refer others to share the same experience at your property. Seventy percent (70%) of hotel business is frequent business travelers who want to know that you are dedicated to their health, which is vital to their livelihood. Let Brady Industries show you how small changes in your focus on cleanliness creates big impacts to your bottom line. We will work with you to elevate your brand, increase brand loyalty, and provide a positive experience for your guests.

  • Elevate Your Brand
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Positive Reputation