Clean Health Club - Brady Industries fully supports the cleaning and sanitation needs of recreational facilities with a full line of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, warewash, laundry, and foodservice supplies. P: 800-293-4698


We know that cleanliness is tied to purchasing habits. If your guests feel recognized, cared for, and less anxious through having a clean environment, they will spend more during their visit. To this end, Brady Industries offers a full line of bundled cleaning solutions and janitorial products with local warehousing and personalized support. We additionally offer services for dish machines, laundry machines, and cleaning equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with training on industry approved procedures to aid in maintaining a wide variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, carpet, stone, and resilient floors. We have innovative cleaning products that blend into the environment, reducing noise levels to minimize disruption to your entertainment activities. We promote touch-free solutions for restrooms and public areas and have programs that reduce visitor’s exposure to cleaning chemicals, providing an improved indoor air environment. We can assist by providing innovative processes to help you reduce the amount of labor required to accomplish tasks. Our programs are intuitive, multilingual, efficient and effective to ensure the job is done right.

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