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At Brady, we know the products and services we provide have a profound impact on the environment. Because of our dedication and commitment to innovation, Brady takes proactive measures to secure green products and cleaning techniques that provide greater benefits to our clients.

There are many green designations. To help you understand the differences, we have highlighted some of the common designations used in our industry in this Green Designation Guide.

Brady’s direct contribution has resulted in the following reductions since 2012:

  • Water sustainability



  • Waste solutions



  • Waste solutions



  • Waste solutions



Review Brady's Ecodesk™ Sustainability Profile here.

Since 1947, Brady has been an innovator in the services we provide to our valued clients. Starting in Las Vegas, we have kept pace with one of the most exciting and fastest growing cities in the country. In addition, we have expanded to several other markets. This growth and the dedication to client service positions Brady to serve as the recognized leader in green cleaning through our GoGreen program.


Many people believe that green initiatives are solely about the environment. We agree that we should never abuse the land that provides so much to us. However, the benefits of green products in cleaning reach beyond preserving our environment. Many of our raw materials are limited and non-renewable. Once they are depleted, they are no longer available to future generations. Brady’s GoGreen program will help you reuse products where appropriate, recycle when possible, and most importantly, reduce usage by the selection of proper products and procedures.


Sustainability is an important aspect to what Brady provides. As a company with a history that spans many decades of prosperity, we want to ensure that we continue to provide an environment for future success. This affects not only the environment we live in, but has significant social and economic impacts as well. By focusing on sustainability, we positively impact the health and well-being of employees and customers. Better employee health means higher productivity, less time lost on the job, and greater profitability. Increases in client satisfaction mean stronger client loyalty and a direct impact on an operation’s bottom line. In addition, many establishments that incorporate green initiatives see lower operating costs and greater marketing benefits.


Research shows that a significant portion of facility construction and renovation is going green as a service to customers. In fact, many consumers have indicated they would prefer to patronize businesses that incorporate green initiatives, even if they have to pay a higher cost.

Green cleaning is not a fad. The number of buildings implementing green cleaning programs increases every day. In fact, many states are mandating the purchase and use of green cleaning chemicals, paper and liners. Some even include specific requirements concerning green cleaning procedures. In addition, various counties and municipalities around the country are initiating green cleaning requirements for their facilities.

In the private sector, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) leads the movement for certifying green buildings. Founded in 1993, the USGBC sets green standards for buildings being designed and constructed, as well as existing buildings looking to make significant improvements in reducing their impact on health and the environment.

In the non-profit advocacy sector, environmental and children’s health groups such as the Healthy Schools Campaign, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, Green Cleaning Network and others are working with building sectors to encourage green cleaning.


Brady understands the importance of managing and reducing our company’s impact on the environment. We take pride in the fact that the newest additions to our fleet are considered among the greenest. Our fleet was replaced with power units which support the EPA 2010 emissions standards with the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and DEF dosing system. This technology reduces oxides and particulate matter by 90%.

We continue to enhance our Environmental Strategy including the reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fuel consumptions, electricity use, supply purchases, waste disposal, and employee travel. Some specific targeted areas include:

  • Implementing a paperless workplace
  • Improving system-wide recycling practices
  • Educating and incentivizing green behavior for employees
  • Accelerating engine and vehicle replacement with 2010 emission standards
  • Utilizing green vendors
  • Maximizing load factors to reduce fuel consumption

Our employees are proud and passionate to work for Brady because we operate honestly and deliver our environmental commitments by empowering our workforce to think and act green.